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Prospective Team Members

If you are interested in joining our team at INFORM Lab, please read the following information regarding the application deadlines and requirements.






+ At the graduate level, we consider applications for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students.  

+ For Postdoctoral and Research Associate positions, please share your CV and your research interest with Dr. Jazizadeh. If positions are available, they will be announced on the HOME page of our website.

  • We receive applications and emails from several applicants. Therefore, delays in response are normal. It is possible that you do not receive a response through email while your application is still under consideration.


  • Financial support will be considered for graduate students although it depends on the availability of research funds. Depending on the research projects priorities, the positions will be decided on a yearly basis. Please pay attention to the preferred application submission deadline if you want your case to be considered for financial support. 


  • Please make sure that you include the following information in your CV and your communications with us:


  • GPA 

  • GRE | Individual Components' Scores

  • TOEFL (If Applicable)

  • Previous Research Experience (If Applicable)

  • Computer Skills




  • Your Research Interests

  • One or more of our research themes or directions that you found interesting. 

  • Please make sure that you submit your application for Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management or Civil Infrastructure Engineering.


  • Complete information on the process of application could be found on the website of Via Civil and Environmental Engineering Department | Prospective Graduate Students.

  • Please refer to the due dates of the graduate school for submitting an application. However, to be considered for financial support, it is recommended that you submit your applications as soon as possible by the end of December.​

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